Au Revoir Borealis is a collective of musicians from Detroit, Michigan who write songs that are epic, expansive and rather cinematic in nature. The group received much fanfare with the release of their highly regarded debut recording, Tienken, in 2000.

Now they present their latest album, Dark Enough For Stars – a billowy and intimate collection of thoughtful songs anchored by a blizzard of guitars wrapped around the voice of Stephenie Halpert McWalters. This recording reveals a matured sense of songwriting and arrangement within its members and finds them exploring a more organic and orchestral approach to their sound by including pianos, cellos and violins in the mix alongside waves of reverbed guitar and crashing drums.

Dark Enough For Stars explores themes of isolation, futility, loss, faith, hope and peace. It stands as a marker and as proof that all is not lost and that there is hope in knowing that each day breaks anew – that one can rest in the hope of knowing that in the middle of all darkness, beauty can be found. And that there is a treasure to fight for and hold on to in those stars that pierce through the inky blackness of our longest nights.